Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Financial Literacy Necessary?

Financial literacy is necessary because it gives you the necessary information to manage money and make informed decisions concerning your finances.

Will Becoming Financially Literate Help Me Get Out Of Debt?


What Percentage Of People Are Financially Literate?

Only about 20-25 percent of people are financially literate. 

What Are Some Benefits Of Financial Literacy?

Some of the benefits of being financially literate include being able to properly implement and manage a budget, getting out of debt, establish an emergency fund, and build an adequate retirement account.  Finacial literacy can put a person on the road to prosperity. 


What Are The Consequences Of Not Being Financially Literate?

People that are not financially literate are more likely to have bad credit, be in debt, and be taken advantage of by predatory scams and predatory lenders.   People who are not financially literate are also more likely to file bankruptcy.  

Is It Inappropriate To Talk About Finances With People?

It is not inappropriate to talk about finances with people. People often have useful information to offer and will gladly share it. This information often never gets shared because conversations about finances don't occur.