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Cobra Focus Financial is serious about spreading financial literacy and financial education. We travel worldwide delivering training in order to spread financial literacy.  No place is inaccessible.  Request a date, time, and place for a workshop.  Cobra Focus Financial will find a way to make it happen!  If you can't attend a live event or just want to receive your education through another method, video conferencing is available if it is properly  coordinated.  Please email or call 646-740-1412 to coordinate a video conference if that is your preference. 


Financial Literacy 101 Webinar

Financial Literacy 101

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 You need to know the basics of finance if you want to achieve financial freedom and live your best financial life.  The objective of this course is to help individuals govern their finances in a first-rate method.  The course helps individuals make suitable choices about their finances to include saving, insurance, credit, saving for college, budgeting, retirement,  and wealth building.  


Mastering Credit Webinar

Mastering Credit

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 Credit is not something to take lightly.  The purpose of this course is to provide individuals  on how to use credit correctly and how to master their credit.  The course explains credit basics, what goes into determining a credit score, how to get credit, credit fallacies and falsehoods, what credit inquiries are, aging and how it relates to credit reports, how to increase your credit score, how to use credit, how to recognize identity theft, and how to protect yourself against identity theft. 

Phones, Cameras, Recording/Listening Device Policy

 Phones, cameras, and recording/listening devices are not allowed in the training sessions or workshops!  Registering and attendance is consent to this policy. Those in violation of this policy may be subject to legal action.   


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